What to expect after your surgery

You will be moved back to the recovery room or the ward after your surgery. You could also be there for a few days, depending on the seriousness of your operation. So you need to understand what to expect after the operation.

The outcome

So the first thing that you will personally want to do is find out how the operation went. Whether or not it was successful and how long it will take to recover. As well as the thing that you should expect when you return home.

There will be some pain after the surgery and, if it is seriously bothering you then, you must tell the nurse or whoever is looking after you. Painkillers will be an option for you if the pain is a lot to cope with but, you will have to battle through it before the painkillers kick in.

Blood clots

If you can move around after your operation then do so. This reduces the chances of you getting any blood clots in your legs. Just basic leg exercises such as extensions or walking around the rood can reduce the chances of your legs getting a blood clot.

Remember to exercise the other parts of your body as well just to get the blood flowing. However, do not push your body too much as you have just been under anaesthetic and can also affect the recovery process of the operation. Doctors may give you support stocking which also helps with the blood circulation in your legs.

Recovery programmes

Again, this depends on the severity of the operation, but your hospital could give you the option of an enhanced recovery programme. This aims to improve the recovery process and make it a lot quicker.

It is proven that the earlier you start to do basic tasks such as walking, eating and drinking, the better your recovery. Just do not challenge your body too much and speak to the doctors and nurses about what you should be looking at doing.

Planning for when you get home

You may need assistance when you move back home. Your body will be tired and again, depending on the severity of the operation, you could require extra support.

Your age also plays a big factor during the recovery process. If you are part of the older generation, then you will need a lot more support than the younger age. For a woman after a mummy makeover, assistance from their partner should be enough.

In conclusion

Your doctor and medical team will provide you with the best advice you need after your operation. They will usually tell you this in the pre-operation assessment to make sure you are fully prepared for the aftermath of the surgery.

Some people will need a lot longer than others to recover after their cosmetic surgery manchester. It all just depends on the age of who had the operation and how serious it was. Just remember to take your time with the recovery and also get all the advice you possibly can from the experts.

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