Vacationing in Cozumel Mexico

Consider a vacation or a brief getaway this year in Cozumel, Mexico, an island located off the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The name, Cozumel, was adapted from the Mayan phrase, “Ah Cuzamil Peten” that translates to “the Island of the Swallows” in English. The Maya were the original settlers of the area in the early part of the first millennium AD. Ruins from their history still exist and may be visited while on the island. Local guides are available to direct you through the ruins located in the interior of the island.

The unpolluted ocean off the white sand beaches, coral reefs filled with tropical fish, diving opportunities and charter fishing contribute strongly to the island’s economy. Parasailing and kite-surfing are developing as sports. There’s even a submarine available for short ocean tours. Arts, crafts and over 300 restaurants offer other opportunities for entertainment. An annual celebration of the Holy Cross is celebrated just before Mardi Gras with feasts, street fairs, rodeos, bullfights and other competitions.

Temperatures on the island vary from about 67 degrees Fahrenheit to 91 degrees Fahrenheit – spikes up or down occur rarely, but the climate is pleasant, especially during the winters in the United States. Most travelers recommend visiting in April and May because the weather is relatively calm at that time. The climate is a tropical savanna climate, which means that brief rains occur most days. Most of the island is covered with an impenetrable jungle, populated with many animal species. Many individuals may be interested in the cenotes, deep water filled sinkholes carved in the limestone foundation of the island by water percolating through the limestone for thousands of years. Diving within these cenotes is restricted; only qualified cave divers with appropriate permits are allowed. It is said that in the early 1990s the fifth largest underwater cave in the world was discovered here.

Because of the varieties of accommodation available for members, romantic getaways, large family vacations, and group vacations are available and appropriately housed at the Royal Holiday in Cozumel.

Couples interested in privacy and romance can stroll along the beaches, charter a private fishing boat, or explore the ruins together. Lying in a hammock with a book or working on a tan are appropriate activities. Follow this up with a romantic dinner for two in one of the variety of different restaurants within easy reach, listen to music on the street or browse the multiplicity of stores, street vendors and stalls available for observation.

Families and groups with different interests can tour, visit the sites of various scientific expeditions with permission, swim, bask in the sun and shop. Activities are available for everyone. No member of the family or group you’re with will go home having been bored or without having experienced a bit of the exotic life in Cozumel. Children should be accompanied by an adult for their protection—a fact that is true even at home. Bring along your sunscreen, dress lightly and prepare for one of the best times of your life.

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