Top 5 Accessories for the Furry Friend in Your Life

The prestigious author Milan Kundera once said that dogs are our link to paradise. Dogs, according to him, “don’t know evil or discontent,” and that sitting with a dog on a hillside is like being back in Eden.

This is definitely true for millions of dog lovers, and is the reason why we make sure our best furry friends have only the best food, accessories, and dog grooming supplies. Many of us consider our dogs not only as pets but as members of the family. If you have a dog (or two, or more) in your life, then you must know that there are pet accessories that you simply cannot live without. Here are the top five!

Identification Tag, Collar, and Leash

Your dog requires an ID, which can be in the form of a tag or a microchip. It’s a good idea to use both, because ID tags may get lost. The ID tag is the medallion that hands from the dog’s collar. It is often made of metal and contains the dog’s name on the front, and your name and contact number at the back. The ID tag is very useful in case your dog runs off and gets lost.

The pet microchip is a small device that is injected between the shoulder blades. It contains a code that links to a database with the owner’s name and contact information. When your dog is found and taken to a vet’s office or a shelter, a member of the staff makes use of a scanner to access the microchip’s code, which is then entered into the database. The results will show your name and phone number, and you will be contacted about picking up your dog. The leash is attached to the collar to enable you to walk your dog, and should be strong and durable.

Grooming Supplies

Dogs of all shapes and sizes need to be groomed regularly, especially those with lots of fur. Regular grooming cleans the coat and rids it of ticks and fleas, and makes the coat shiny. Grooming supplies include a bristle brush, a comb, a detangler or conditioning spray, dog shampoo, nail clippers, ear cleaning solution, and a toothbrush with dig-friendly toothpaste.

Food and Water Bowls

The best bowls for dogs are those made from stainless steel because of their durability and they are also easy to clean. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of clean water, especially during hot weather.

Dog Bed and Blankets

A dog bed can help make your pet warm and comfortable during sleep. Dog beds come with a wide range of mattresses, cushions, pillows, and blankets to match. Some dog beds are stuffed with cedar chips that help in insect and odor control. If you live in a place that gets chilly weather, be sure to give your dog a fleece or sheepskin blanket to add extra warmth and comfort.


Dogs love to play with their humans, and are exercise must-haves especially for dogs that mostly stay indoors. Dogs love squeaky toys, flying discs, ropes, hard rubber balls, chew bones, and small stuffed animals. Get the most durable ones, call your furry friend, and play!

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