This Is Why I Like Playing Sudoku: A Comprehensive Gamer’s Review

It is no secret – Sudoku is hugely popular all across the globe. The aim is to find the missing numbers in a 9×9 grid (having 81 cells in total) depending upon the level of difficulty chosen by the player. Therefore, it is a logical deduction game that the player weaves carefully to succeed in obtaining one unique solution. Logic and patience are two key components of a Sudoku game.

It appeals to people who are mindful of the origins of their ideas, matching those to facts and not mere guesswork. This makes Sudoku unambiguous and precise.

Moreover, Sudoku is alluring to people who like order in life. Regular practice makes the players more focused and highly logical, which adds on to the appeal of free Sudoku puzzle games. But, where to try the skills no matter if someone is a novice or an expert?

Try This App To Experience Sudoku Fun Yourself!

Sudoku has originally been a paper-and-pen puzzle game, but today it is easily available online as free mobile apps or on websites. Talking of the former choice, by Easybrain is an all-time-favorite of many players – 10+ million downloads talk of its popularity on the Google Play Store.

It is an excellent app to have on the phone and satisfies the following requirements of a genuine Sudoku puzzle:

  •       Easy gameplay
  •       Comprehensive how-to tutorial
  •       Standard 6×6 and 9×9 Sudoku grids
  •       Multi skill levels
  •       Puzzles with one unique solution

The challenge begins with a prefilled grid based on which a player has to put in the missing numbers. A complete puzzle will have digits 1 to 9 appearing only once in every row, column, and block. What other game offers this great challenge?

  •       Players can take notes of the possible numbers
  •       Remove or limit the number of mistakes during a game
  •       Highlight areas, repetitions, or identical numbers
  •       Resume previously left sessions
  •       Pause the existing game
  •       Win exciting rewards
  •       Time the game
  •       Undo wrong moves
  •       Choose different themes
  •       Use hints
  •       Track scores
  •       Add sound effects
  •       Opt for screen timeout
  •       Remove ads
  •       Participate in seasonal challenges, and much more

It is a single-player game that improves concentration, encourages a healthy mindset while blocking negative thoughts, teaches resourcefulness, provides a sense of accomplishment, belongingness, and order, and develops better decision making. These are just a few reasons why Sudoku is not just a fun pastime but a much-favored puzzle game even during the testing times of coronavirus quarantine or lockdown.

If you have never played Sudoku before or want to try something different, this free Sudoku puzzle games by Easybrain is a must-try. It is best for both beginners and pro players. Moreover, Sudoku is a great escape plan from the daily mundane – so it is certainly an exceptional app.


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