Ten Items You’ll Need to Buy with a Baby in Tow

We are going to put it right in the open and say that babies are expensive. From the moment they are born, they will need a lot to be comfortable and safe. You will need to make several shopping trips and spend a pretty penny to make sure that they are well catered for. There’s plenty to buy even before the delivery, but these items take the top priority:


Baby Formula

This may not be essential if you plan to breastfeed your baby throughout before they start weaning. If for health reasons or otherwise, you decide against breastfeeding, you need to stock up with baby formula and know precisely how to use it to feed them.

There’s a wide variety of baby formula to choose from in the market, so it is crucial to examine each option thoroughly before buying one. The ideal choice should be as close to breastmilk as possible, in terms of composition. Some overprocessed options may endanger your baby’s health by introducing dangerous chemicals to their bodies. Make sure that your manufacturer is reputable. You can ask for recommendations from other moms or experienced women. Make sure you check the expiry date too.


A Car seat

If you drive a lot and you plan to bring your baby with you on some of those trips, you need to get a car seat for the baby. This is actually a legal requirement that was put in place to minimise the chances of babies and young children getting hurt in road accidents. A car seat will also help you restrain the baby and keep them comfortable while you focus on the road.

To purchase a car seat, you need to know the correct size for your baby. If it is too big, the baby will probably be moved around, and if it is too small, the baby will be uncomfortable. Adjustable car seats are great as you can use them until the child is ready to be on the passenger seat.

Make sure you look for a certificate of safety. It has to be approved for use. Otherwise, it could come with defects that could cause very frustrating incidences.


A breast pump

Breast pumps are ideal for moms who need to go to work away from home before their babies start weaning. It is also great if your baby is not feeding often enough to keep up with your milk production.

Breast pumps are great for relieving the pain the comes with too much milk production. It helps you extract this milk so that you can store it for your baby to feed when you are away. If your baby is not keeping up, you can donate your breastmilk to organisations that help babies whose mothers cannot feed them.

When choosing a breast pump, be sure that you get yours from a reputable company. It should be gentle on your nipple and easy to use. It should also be easy to clean so that you don’t transfer germs and toxic substances to your baby.


Diapers and a nappy bag

Yes, this is the ultimate sign that will let everyone know that you are a mom.

Whether you choose to use diapers or nappies, you have to stock up before the baby is born. It would be advisable not to buy too many of those, especially considering that you don’t know the baby’s size yet. If your hospital is willing to provide some, you can wait to get them later when leaving the hospital.

Diaper bags are essential, seeing as you can’t fit everything your baby will need on a trip in your sling bag. They are specially designed to hold baby stuff such as feeding bottles and diapers. There’s a wide of these, and you can easily find one that best matches your style.


Baby clothes

These are obvious essentials that need careful considerations when purchasing. Baby clothes are available in an overwhelming variety. If you are not cautious, you may end up getting a whole bundle of clothes that are anything but safe and comfortable for your baby.

If you don’t know the gender of your baby, go for unisex clothes. Your ideal choices should be easy for the baby to wear and remove. Pullovers and shirts, for instance, should be worn around the shoulders and buttoned or zipped up at the front or back. This feature will help protect the baby’s head which is not fully developed when it is born.

Make sure that the material used to make the baby clothes is hypoallergenic. It should also be loosely knitted to allow circulation of air for temperature control. The apparel should also be free of suffocation, choking or strangulation hazards such as drawstrings and small pieces that may come off quickly. The same goes when buying toys for kids.


Baby furniture

Baby furniture extends far beyond a simple cot. While at newborns spend of their time sleeping, they start to sleep less with months, and you’ll soon need to take hem with you as you run your errands. You will need a highchair or a baby pram to feed hem and keep them occupied while you do work around the house. A stroller will come in handy for those quick shopping trips around the block or a lazy stroll in the park. Whatever furniture you choose for your baby, make sure that it is certified for safety and is free of defects that could injure them.


In conclusion, these are some of the most important things you will need for your little ones. The list is not exhaustive, and you will quickly find that your baby has unique needs and will, therefore, need a unique combination of these items.  Remember that the priority is their comfort and safety when purchasing anything for them.


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