Running an Eyelash Salon Made Easy

Business is booming in the eyelash industry and continues to grow, meaning the time is ripe to start that lash salon you’ve always wanted. With growth comes competition, however, so new salons must do their best to keep up. Fortunately, there are a few key ways your can make your lash salon the go-to place for eyelash care.

Get Quality Stock

The right products make all the difference. Try finding out who delivers salon-level eyelash items in your area, e.g., searching for eyelash kit in Portland (or wherever your location happens to be) online. Study their selection carefully to make sure they have the best products. Most importantly, don’t sacrifice quality to save money, as customers often will notice the difference. Once you’ve found a supplier that suits your needs, consider partnering with them, as doing so often will give you exclusive discounts on their items and access to some of their other services.

Keep Proper Inventory

Make sure you keep track of all of your products and establish a reliable delivery system that ensures you will always have what you need when you need it. While you shouldn’t be thrifty at the expense of product quality, it is still important to budget carefully to make sure stocking up on routine items does not break the bank.

Hire the Best Staff

Even the best lash products won’t do you much good if your employees don’t have the skills to apply them properly. Pick your hires carefully; look for ample prior experience and formal salon training. Some lash suppliers even offer educators you can use to train multiple staff at once.

Hygiene Is Everything

As you’ll likely be working with multiple customers on a daily basis, it is extremely important that you don’t put their health at risk. Always keep your hands and tools clean, and if something is labeled as non-reusable, do not reuse it. Make sure to wipe down and disinfect your workspace after every customer. Barbicide is a common disinfectant in salons, for instance, as well as alcohol and plain, old-fashioned soap and water. Be sure all lash glues, removers, etc. are kept in areas that are dry and cool, and do not use them past their expiration date.

By adopting these measures, your new lash salon will be able to go up against even the strongest competition. More importantly, you’ll attract clients who’ll leave your salon with richer and more beautiful eyelashes.

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