It is possible to maintain a long distance relationship online?

Whether you meet someone on a reputable dating site or simply through social media, it doesn’t always mean they’re going to be close by. One of the joys of our technological age is how easy it is to meet someone, but is it possible to maintain a relationship online?

You probably started talking through messages but at some point you’ll need to speak properly. The obvious way to do this is over the phone but if you’re in different countries this can get costly. This is where you should use something like Skype. You can both set it up on your phone and speak as you normally would on your mobile – you’ll both need a decent internet connection though. 

From there you’ll no doubt want to see each other. Skype video calls and Google Hangouts give you the chance to chat face-to-face. This is where you can really get to know someone. It’s not just about what they say but the way they smile, how they raise their eyebrows when you say something silly and so much more. 

If you really do get on with someone you should make plans to meet. If these plans don’t happen for a while that’s OK but if you really get on then you’ll want to see each other face-to-face. 

The further away you are, the more difficult this can be but if you really believe in your relationship then you’ll make it happen. 

Why aren’t you meeting?

If you’ve been speaking to someone for a while but they keep putting off meeting then you may have cause to be suspicious. Especially if photos of them are limited and they’re not willing to talk over video chat. We’ve all seen Catfish, right?

If this does happen, talk about it. Don’t fall for someone who isn’t real. 

If you agree to be faithful, be faithful

Once you decide that you’re in a serious relationship, you’ll probably agree to be faithful to one another. If you agree to this, stick to it. Nothing will kill a long distance relationship quicker than cheating. Just because your partner is miles away doesn’t mean you can get away with it. 

There will be problems

Long distance relationships can be difficult. Jealousy often plays a big part in this simply because your partner will be going out and socialising with other people. It can make you realise that you’re not as much a part of their life as you might want to be. 

Intimacy is a problem too. Some people will say the physical aspect of a relationship doesn’t matter to them but it’s a big part of bringing two people closer together. 

Honestly and patience are important

Long distance relationships can work  but you’ll need to be honest with your partner and be patient. If things are meant to be then you’ll be together soon enough. 

Long distance relationships might be hard work but it is possible maintain one using the power of the internet, video calls and instant messaging.


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