How to Plan a Low Key Wedding

Every couple has their own idea of what a wedding should be. If you are a celebrity, no doubt your idea of a perfect wedding involves 500 guests, multiple cases of vintage champagne and a seriously expensive wedding dress, plus a few paparazzi helicopters flying overhead. But what if the thought of a huge wedding doesn’t appeal?

If you can’t stand the thought of spending the day with 500 of your closest friends and spending a fortune in the process, a low-key wedding may be a much better option. The advantage of planning a low-key celebration is that you can concentrate on each other without having to spend the day rubbing shoulders with hundreds of people. It will be a far more intimate celebration, a day to share with the most important people in your life. So how can you ensure your wedding will be sufficiently low key, yet still memorable?

Choose the Right Venue

Wedding venues don’t always have to be stately homes, hotels or National Trust properties. It is perfectly possible to have a beautiful wedding reception at a small, more intimate venue with just a few friends and family to help you celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion. Small hotels and restaurants are perfect for low-key wedding receptions – hire a room and organise a delicious meal for the wedding party. Alternatively, why not celebrate outdoors if the weather is likely to be good? If your garden is large enough (and attractive enough), invite everyone back to yours and have a low-key and relaxed party.

The Right Dress

There will be no shortage of wedding dress styles to choose from. Even if you want a low-key wedding, you can still opt for a fabulously over-the-top dress wedding dress if it suits you, but you may prefer to go for something less effusive. White, cream, and ivory are traditional colours for the bride’s dress, but why opt for traditional?

A low-key wedding demands something a bit different, so consider more modern wedding dresses styles 2015 and perhaps go for a coloured dress – pink, blue, green, red – anything a bit different will help make your wedding day something special and unique to you. It might also be worth choosing a dress than you can alter and then wear again at a later date.

An Intimate Ceremony

This is your opportunity to make the ceremony personal to you both. Write your own vows, decorate the room with flowers, or do whatever you feel is appropriate. Formal photographs will probably feel wrong, so instead of staging pictures, ask friends and family to take photos and share the results later.

It’s your wedding so don’t be pushed into having a ceremony you don’t feel 100% comfortable with. Family are often guilty of imposing their own views about what they think should happen on the day, especially if they are contributing financially. They have every right to offer an opinion of course, but ultimately it is your day and only you and your fiancé can decide what type of wedding ceremony and reception you want. And if all you want to say your vows on the beach followed by fish and chips, then go for it!

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