How to beat the winter blues

Sometimes throughout winter you can be left feeling… not quite yourself. So it’s important that you look after yourself and find ways to beat the winter blues.

Too often in Britain the weather can feel like it is doing its best to dampen your spirit, so it’s not surprising so many of us harbour dreams of running away to somewhere hot and sunny. Or buying a villa through a company like Portugal Property (which isn’t actually as difficult as you might think) and moving permanently. Both of which more appealing solutions than sticking around and finding ways to battle the blues.

The aptly abbreviated Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD – affects two million people in the UK, of any age, and is triggered when the days become shorter and colder. We take natural light for granted in spring and summer, not realising what a profound effect it has on our mental wellbeing, so it’s important that in the winter we continue to enjoy it as much as possible.

If you have to stay in the UK throughout the winter months try out a daylight lamp to help wake you up in the morning. You can also buy sun lamps, which give off a lovely natural feeling light, to help perk you up over the winter months because when the clocks go back and we immediately lose an hour of daylight.

If you know that you find it hard to get out of bed, feel moody or even depressed and not yourself over winter then give the light a go, if anything it will make the room lovely and bright and can also double up as a good make up light in the morning.

When the cold weather takes hold it can feel like everyone is coughing and spluttering and dropping like flies around you. Be the smart one and try your very best to avoid catching what everyone seems to have by washing your hands regularly and carrying hand sanitizer.

If you are unlucky enough to contract the virus, that’s caused your office to look like a ghost town, then paracetamol will be your new best friend for a week or so, whilst you shuffle like a zombie, clutching your last used tissue. Just remember, you will eventually feel better. Take some time to rest, don’t go into work if you feel really poorly and get some well-deserved sleep.

Exercise is another great way to beat winter blues because of the endorphins it releases. Invest in a rebounder trampoline, which can help you burn more calories bouncing on it in ten minutes than you could burn on a 30 minute run. They’re relatively cheap to buy and you can exercise on it whilst watching TV in the evening.

Get friends and family involved with your blue busting and sign up for a new gym class. Zumba is fun, fast and a great way to get fit or you could try out an intense Box Fit class. Creating a regular routine for yourself over winter can also help you get on with life like normal and not feel so blue.

Comfort food is something many of us turn to when it gets colder, on average we put on between two to four lbs over winter, so why not eat to help your body and mental state instead of gorging on chocolate and pastry? (Save that for Christmas Day.) It’s important that you eat foods containing plenty of Vitamin D, to make up for the lack of sunlight, so be sure to tuck into plenty of eggs, oily fish and most importantly cheese. Cheese is your saviour when it comes to curing a case of the blues.

So give these winter blue beating tactics a go and use what works for you this season. Just remember, winter might feel like a permanent fixture in this country but summer will come round again eventually. 

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