How to avoid putting on weight when giving up smoking

Quitting smoking is certainly an ideal lifestyle change for those who are addicted to nicotine. However, once you’ve quit, it’s important to remain clued up on some of the side effects ex-smokers can suffer from.

Gaining weight when quitting smoking is one of the biggest reactions, as nicotine suppresses your urge to eat.

Keeping yourself at a good weight is certainly not a reason to continue with smoking, and some ex-smokers don’t put on any extra pounds once they’ve kicked their addiction.

If you’re conscious that you’ve gained weight since you’ve quit smoking, then take a look at these simple tips to stop you piling on the pounds.

Stay active

Some ex-smokers use food to take their mind off cigarettes, so it’s very important that you find something else to distract you when you’re overcoming your addiction.

By keeping fit, you’re not only going to burn calories, but your metabolism is going to improve too.

Another positive reason to stay fit and healthy when you’re giving up smoking is that exercise will improve your mood. During the first few months of quitting, smokers can suffer from mood swings and sometimes even headaches, so exercise can counteract that as it’s known to de-stress and distil confidence in people.

Keep yourself occupied

Some smokers will have a cigarette purely out of boredom, especially in the evening.

To enable yourself to refrain from smoking when there’s nothing to do, take up a hobby that’ll keep your mind off picking up a cigarette and comfort snacking.

Choose a hobby that’s going to occupy your hands especially, such as sewing, playing games on either a computer or games console, or even catch up with your personal or work emails.

Choose healthier snacking options

To accommodate your hunger urges, there’s nothing wrong with snacking on healthy food in between meals.

Some examples of foods you can get away with eating include, unsalted nuts such as almonds, dried fruit and chickpeas.

There are also certain snacks that can burn fat. Some tasty treats for you to indulge in include shrimp stacks, edamame, veggie tostada or asparagus.

Another alternative you can use is instead of having three meals a day, have five or six small meals a day. This will allow you to spread out your food consumption throughout the day so you end up feeling less hungry in the process.

Turn to vaping

If you’re not completely ready to kick your nicotine habit, vaping may be the ideal alternative for you.

Not only is vaping considerably healthier than smoking, but by getting your nicotine intake via e-liquid, it will stop you from overeating.

Starter kits such as the VERTX kit will quickly introduce you to vaping, and more importantly, it’ll keep your hands occupied so you won’t be raiding the shelves for snacks.

Drink more water

Some people confuse being hungry with being thirsty.

When your body really needs fluids, the feeling of hunger can sometimes be extreme. This is due to the fact that the brain’s hypothalamus is the same area that tells you whenever you’re hungry or thirsty, so sometimes you can believe that you’re craving something you don’t require.

To prevent overeating, keep yourself hydrated by drinking around six to eight glasses of water a day. However, depending on how much you exercise, you will be required to drink more water if you’re a fitness fanatic!

Chew sugarless gum

Chewing gum is known to benefit those trying to resist their cigarette cravings.

Sugar free gum in particular is better for weight watchers as they have half the number of calories that regular gum has, however it’s important to remember that gum alone will not help you kick the weight as regular exercise and a balanced diet are still required.

Chewing gum will not only help you stop overindulging with your snacking, but it carries added benefits such as improving your memory…and fresher breath of course!

If you’re looking to kick your addiction to smoking and want to keep yourself in shape, follow these handy tips to ensure that one health mishap doesn’t turn into another.

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