Flashback Fashion

With the rise of 1920s films and TV shows such as Baz Luhrmann’s remake of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the popular ITV drama ‘Downtown Abbey,’ it’s hardly surprising that men’s fashion is casting its mind back to an era of classical finery. Men across the globe are swapping their jeans for fitted trousers, their trainers for brogues and their snapbacks for throwbacks. Eloquent design has taken over the high street with top named brands harking back to the days of ballroom dancing and formal dinners, suave gentlemen and decadence.

The return of Twenties glamour brings the return of the leather shoe. Trainers and pumps no longer make the cut; a good pair of brogues are adaptable, sleek and impressive. Leather shoes do not have to be worn with a suit but can embellish any outfit; they can turn a pair of jeans from casual to smart in an instant.

A fitted shirt is both flattering and fashionable and can be easily worn day or night, relaxed or formal. Choose pale pastel shades for warm summer days and cool charcoal shades for late evenings at a restaurant or bar. Compliment your shirt with a fine pair of cufflink to add sparkle and charm to your outfit.

Accessorising is key to any outfit. Add a touch of class to any shirt with a silk cravat that will set you apart from the crowd and accentuate your style. Originating from Croatia in the 17th Century, the cravat was first worn by members of the Croatian military as it was thought to protect the neck from injury. The cravat gained popularity in Britain the mid-18th century and was worn by both male and female fashionistas of the time. Knightsbridge Neckwear offer a range of beautiful luxury cravats to suit any gentleman. From classic pastels to bright paisley prints Knightsbridge Neckwear’s extensive range boasts traditional self-tie cravats as well as easier designs for cravat newcomers.

Prepare to be square for this year’s classic trend of formal meets informal, classic design for the classic gentleman.

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