Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style

There are some fashion trends that seem to never go out of style.  One that comes to mind is “Cher hair”, the iconic middle part and stick-straight do that Cher created in the ‘60’s and Kim Kardashian still embraces now.  Another is the little black dress which has been reinvented more times than Kylie Jenner’s hair.  And, of course, there are pearls.  Unlike gold or silver jewelry that always looks the same unless you literally melt it down, pearls can be redesigned and reinvented endlessly without losing their value or original feel.  Sure, pearl jewelry trends do change from time to time (or decade to decade), but with some inexpensive pearl restringing, you can embrace today’s hottest trends without abandoning your favorite strands.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are great year-round, and they’re a great way to distract people from the fact that your arms have lost their bronze sheen during the winter.  Slip on a single or double strand pearl bracelet with a ¾ length sleeved sweater to draw attention to your stunning winter manicure.  Rondels are the hottest accessory for pearl bracelets, taking a cue from Pandora’s charms but adding a sense of sophistication that only pearls can have.  Rondels are small discs that are placed between the pearls to add a bit of detail that is sure to get noticed.

Pearl Earrings

Earrings are another great fall and winter accessory as they complement high-necked sweaters, cowlnecks and other heavy fabrics.  Pearl studs have literally never fallen off the fashion map – they’re timeless, and they work well with both edgy looks and classic styles.

Pearl Necklaces

Jackie Onassis Kennedy was a fashion icon whose style has outlived her for decades and shows no signs of waning any time soon.  Jackie O had an iconic triple-strand pearl necklace, and a similar one was worn recently by former First Lady Michelle Obama, a fashion frontrunner in her own right.  Jackie O’s triple strand necklace is believed to have been inherited, proof that old pearls can still be considered modern fashion.

Jackie O also wore a single strand of pearls to her wedding to JFK, a look which remains one of the most classic wedding styles of all time.

There are fashion elements that go in and out of style (bell bottoms, boyfriend jeans, puffy hair, and many others that should probably be permanently forgotten).  But the truly notable ones are the ones that are always in fashion, those that look great with old-fashioned looks and more modern designs, like pearl jewelry.  Few people can afford to replace their jewelry or their clothing every season, or even every few seasons.  Fortunately, a few staple pieces can be an investment that will withstand the change of styles and the test of time so that you can get maximum enjoyment without having to spend more money in the future.

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