Best Places To Visit In America

The United States of America is such a vast and incredible city so planning a trip to the States can be a daunting task; and that’s just to pick the location. There are many desirable locations on where to go and virtually something for everyone in each state or location so today we summarize the best of the best locations for you to visit in the USA.

First one our list would be that of the Grand Canyon, virtually the number one spot to visit if you are planning on going to the West side of America. In our opinion, “Grand” doesn’t give the natural treasure enough justice as this place is simple breath-taking spreading over 277 river miles in length, really 18 miles wide and in some places almost a mile deep, the spectacle on this is a must see for us when it comes to natural treasures.

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If you were to visit the Grand Canyon, and maybe fancied a road trip 150 miles to the Entertainment Capital of the World, then why not tie it in with a weekend or so in the state of Nevada and the Sin City of Las Vegas. This city is one of the biggest attractions in the USA, with many around the world visiting each year to go to its brightly lit four-mile strip in which is home to some of the best casinos in the world.  If you were wanting to try your hand at an online casino before your once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas, why not go check out the reviews of Ocean Breeze Casino and see why they are one of the best on the market. Offering some of the best roulette and card tables alongside a wide variety of slot machines, you can see why the reviews are so good.

Staying on the city break theme but on the other coast would be of the City That Never Sleeps, The Big Apple and quite easily the most visited city in America – New York City. With towering skyscrapers everywhere, you go and iconic landmarks you’ve seen on all your favourite films, New York has so much on offer to make your trip there a once in a lifetime city break. Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the 9/11 memorial sites are some of our favourite monuments to visit.

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The final destination we would recommend for any future USA visitors would be that of Yosemite National Park in California. One of California’s most incredible landscapes, much similar viewing to the Grand Canyon but in a different sort of beauty – mountains, greenery, waterfalls and cliffs make for it to be one of the most desired National Park’s to go to in the world.

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