Are you a female petrol head?

Cars don’t just have to be toys for boys, there’s plenty of room for the ladies to get involved too. So if you’re a girl and find yourself tinkering with your car, cooing over everything four wheeled and relishing in the sound of revving engines then you could well be a petrol head!

You spend your weekends trackside, watching the pros do their thing and drool over the speed machines whizzing by. Or you find yourself wandering around looking at cars, whether it’s a visit to a main dealer or established independents such as Jennings Motor Group, curiously scouting for your next new baby to drive. Even if you don’t plan to purchase for some time, you just can’t resist car window shopping!

If you’re a girl and the mere thought of meeting Jeremy Clarkson fills you with intense joy, then you’re definitely a female petrol head. You more than likely confuse and intrigue the men around you and have probably experienced your fair share of prejudice when it comes to conversations about cars and are shunned from the group until your knowledge stuns them into silence.

Women will always struggle to integrate themselves into a male dominated scene whether it’s cars, football or online gaming. Being a female petrol head can be hard, but it’s a skill many of your girlfriends will appreciate as they look around for cars and seek non-patronising advice on what to do if their vehicle goes wrong.

As a female petrol head if you do have to take your car to the garage you can avoid being scammed, simply because you’ve probably diagnosed what is wrong with the car yourself and can tell the garage what to fix directly.

You’d do it yourself, only you don’t have the tools, equipment or time they have. When the guys at the garage tell you something unnecessary needs doing or they quote an unfathomable price for a small amount of work, you can laugh and tell them to think again about trying to get more money out of you.

If you’re a female petrol head you’ll be eagerly anticipating the arrival of new cars on the market this year (most of which you will only be able to lust after, due to their high prices, but even so). The Mercedes AMG GT will of course be top of your list, coming in as a Porsche 911 rival and a 4.0 litre twin-turbo engine, on the market for £80,000 it’s one of those cars you might not spot every day on the roads, but when you do you’ll press your face up against the glass of your own car or when you’re on the bus, to get a better look.

You’ll also be on the lookout for the new Audi TT, which doesn’t look all that different to recent models but weighs 140kg less, with a sharper front end, straight-edged grille and Audi badge on the bonnet. It will be available to buy as a 2.0 litre diesel with a choice of a six-speed manual or an S tronic gearbox, so great for your speed demons. Priced up at £28,000 it’s another car you might have to save up for.

If cars are your passion never let anyone stop you from expressing your enthusiasm, if you love nothing more than whizzing round country lanes on a Sunday for fun, always offering to be the designated driver or preferring to look at the Top Gear website rather than browse ASOS on your lunch break, then go for it.

So female petrol heads unite, embrace your love of cars and drive happy!

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