A no-sweat guide to hosting a play date for your children

Hosting a play date is stressful for many parents – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right planning, you can take on the challenge anytime. Here are a couple of tips you can use so you can host a fun and exciting play date for your children and their friends.

Set a specific start and end time for the play date. You can make hosting the play date easier by setting a start and end time. An hour or two is ideal but not more than two. You may run into conflicts with nap times for babies or lunch time for older children when setting time, and you won’t have enough time to accommodate everyone’s varying eating and sleeping schedules, so let the moms know you’ll offer another time for the next play date so everyone will have a chance to come over.

Limit the number of kids. It can be tempting to pen your doors to as many kids as possible because you want to ensure that there’s plenty of kids for everyone to play with. However, it’s recommended to invite only a small number of mums and their kids for your play dates. As a benefit, you won’t feel as much pressure and you won’t have 30 kids wreaking havoc on your home. Plus, it’ll make the playdate extra cosy, giving everyone the chance to get to know and play with each other.

Asks the guest to bring some of their toys. The hordes of toys your child supposedly have may not be enough to entertain every child during the play date. You may have a pre-schooler with no good baby toys scattered about any longer. And you may have an infant and aren’t rather ready for toys that are suited to ages 3-5. A simple solution for this is to ask everyone coming to the play date to bring some of their child’s toys from home. This will allow everyone to have something to play with while at the same time learning how to share.

Preparing your child. Your child will also serve as your co-host at the play date, so do your best to prepare him or her. Before the friends arrive, help your child grasp what’s going to happen. Other kids may play with own toys, jumping on furniture or running through the house.

My child has no one to play with – community socialisation isn’t that good. “No one” is an overstatement, don’t you think? In any case, if you live in a neighbourhood where older kids, teens and older adults far outnumber children, then perhaps you should consider moving. Check out Lendlease housing communities in Epping North, wherein young and new families flock because of nature, amenities, and easy transportation to the CBD.

As a parent, your children’s fun and well-being come first, so carefully consider your move.

There you have it! And remember – a play date should be fun not only for kids but for adults too. During the activity, you some time to relax and connect with other parents who are going through the same challenges as you.

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