5 Fun Uses for the Humble Mason Jar

When it comes to decorating or organising your home, the humble mason jar has significantly grown in popularity, mainly due to the fact it has a million uses. Originally designed to store and preserve food, these nifty jars are perfect for everything from sweetie jars and craft storage to drinking punch and using as candle holders, and the bonus is that

they are easy to find and inexpensive. Below are five of the most fun ways to use them:

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy vases for your home for them to look good. Simply add your favourite flowers to a couple of mason jars and watch how you can transform a room. Just a few roses or some gypsophila is all you need for it to look effective, and artificial flowers will still work. You can also create a rustic feel by adding fabric, lace or hessian around your vases, available from Homecrafts.co.uk. You could paint the mason jars to add a pop of colour or even personalise them by using stickers to display your favourite quote.

Candle Holders
Why not turn a simple mason jar into a pretty candle holder for your living room or bedroom? With autumn on the way, this autumn leaf candle holder by Country Living is perfect. Another great idea is adding sand or shells at the bottom of the jar before placing a tea light; this would look fantastic in the bathroom. You could also add wire around the top of the jar to create and hang your own lantern. These would also make lovely gifts.

Kitchen Storage
Forget those boring storage jars for your tea, coffee, sugar, pasta, etc. Add a personal touch to a couple of mason jars by adding chalkboard labels to the front or painting them to compliment your kitchen theme. You can even make your own sauce or soap dispensers from a mason jar. Simply drill a hole in the top of the jar, insert the pump and glue in place. The kitchen is one of the best places to show off your creativity with mason jars!

Drinking Cups and Coasters
That’s right, you can even drink out of it! Turn the lids into cute coasters and the mason jars into glasses! These would be ideal for serving fresh lemonade at a summer party. You can add fresh lemons, a sugared rim and a striped straw for that extra summery feel. Alternatively, use for serving cocktails, your guests will love them!

Snow Globes
This is a great idea for adding that festive touch to your home, whether in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. You can also use as a Christmas gift for family and friends and the kids can get involved in making them too. All you will need to make a snow globe is the character/trinket you want inside, some distilled water, Liquid Glycerin, glitter or fake snow and glue. For the project tutorial, visit Celebrations.

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