5 Easy Tricks For Keeping Your House In Top Notch

Some people like cleaning their house regularly, bordering into obsession. And then there are the rest of us who secretly wish that our rooms and houses would just clean themselves regularly.

Fret not, here are some easy tricks to keeping your house in tiptop shape:

Pick up after yourself

Don’t we just hate it when there’s a lot of trash littering the house. Dirty laundry, used socks, candy wrappers, and other little scraps turn up in unlikely places including under the bed, behind the couch cushions or under the kitchen table.

Litter accumulates in corners, under the couch or behind doors. Sooner or later, you’ll find that the house is cluttered and things are missing, and then it’s time for a general cleaning. Unless you employ cleaning services Chicago, who has time for general cleaning every couple of weeks or so? Thus, the trick is to not to litter and just pick these up before they even accumulate.

Invite someone over

I know it sounds odd but isn’t it true that whenever we invite someone over, we are forced to clean the house so as to make a good impression. Of course the cleaning part can be quite tiring that nobody will voluntarily do it without some form of reason, hence invite someone for the dinner or a weekend lunch. By inviting a friend over regularly, you keep the general cleanliness and order of the house.

Designate a Landing Strip

A “landing strip” is that area of the house directly after you come through the door. Place a bureau or a tall shelf where you can place incoming items onto. Install hooks to hang your coats, bags, or keys. By having a landing strip, you keep the clutter to a small designated space, instead of all your things littering the whole house or the living room. In this way, it will also be easier to clean and organize as it is a very small space compared to the rest of the house.

Do the dishes after every meal

We all hate doing the dishes. More so if we already did the cooking. Most of the time, we just wait for the dishes to pile up so we can load them to the dishwasher in one go. However, this practice is unsanitary as it leaves dirty dishes in the sink, inviting pests such as cockroaches and rats. Thus, no matter how uncomfortable, endeavor to wash the dishes after every meal. If you really hate it, try not to use as many dishes and utensils when preparing the meal. Less dishes used means less dishes to be washed. A sanitary and clean kitchen also means a healthy home environment.

Do the laundry a little at a time

If you have laundry washer and dryer at home, it will be best to do the laundry a little at a time instead of letting them accumulate into one big pile of dirty smelly laundry. However, if you go to the Laundromat to have your laundry washed, it can be better cost-wise to do it in a regular basis.

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