15 Ways to Be Creative At Home

There is an artist in each and every person. You don’t have to be a good painter, photographer, or sculptor to be an artist. You just have to bring out those creative juices in you and express them to see the artistic side of you.

It takes good talent and skill to draw and paint. It also takes good talent to do artistic letterings. If you don’t have the talent, don’t fret. These skills could be learned. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and calligraphy can be learned. You just need to learn the basics of these skills and practice.

The question now is how can you bring out those creative juices that lie within you? Creativity comes from inspiration. Artists get inspiration from people, things, events, etc. in order to create their works of art. Some just get those creative minds working when they get bored.

There are different media that can be used to express those creative juices. You can use a notebook, a sketchpad, pencils, colored pens, crayons, watercolor, etc. Art is not limited to that. You can actually turn anything into art. Using this artistic expression to organize things at your home is a perfect hobby because it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

Here are ways to divert that boredom and do something fun and creative when at home.

  1. Collect stones and pebbles outside. Create an art out of it which you can display at home.

  2. Create things out of your lego collection. Let your imagination work and create whatever comes into mind. This could be a good bonding activity for the family.

  3. Gather those old photographs and create a scrapbook out of them. You can include memorable tickets, napkins, wrappers, or whatever you want in that scrapbook.

  4. Turn those old clothes and disposable cups into a lampshade. It’s easy to do and it creates a good ambiance for sleeping. It adds color to your bedroom too.

  5. Decorate your cabinets by painting them or pasting colorful art papers or clothes.

  6. Recycle those beverage bottles by using them as vases or utensil holders. Paint these bottles, put stickers, or use washy tapes to decorate them.

  7. Go through your old clothes. Some of them can be transformed and be reinvented to make something unique and stylish. You can cut and sew pieces together to make a “new” clothing style.

  8. Make sculptures out of bath soaps or fruits and vegetables.

  9. Install peg boards on your walls so you can hang things that don’t fit into drawers or cabinets. You can hang pots and pans in the kitchen or scissors and other art materials in your room. You can also hang jewelry on peg boards. This helps you maximize your space in the room.

  10. Use cardboards and old boxes as dividers for your drawers.

  11. Organize your things by color. You can organize your clothes by color or even the books in your bookshelves by color.

  12. Mount hooks on the walls to store bags, scarves, and belts.

  13. Turn the awkward spaces into shelving spaces. You can use the shelves to store books or maybe for your collection of toys or mugs or whatever you are collecting.

  14. Use old books and magazines as cut-outs, paper mache, origami, and use them as decoration on your walls.

15. Create baskets out of old newspapers and use these baskets as vase or as storage. Paint them or use varnish on them to make them harder and to add aesthetics to them.

16. Learn the art of towel origami. There are a lot of tutorials that can be found online and on youtube.

17. Sew your own desk and cabinet organizer. You can use the desk organizer to store pens, paintbrushes, notepads, scissors, paperclips, etc. You can use the cabinet organizer to store socks and underwear.

18. Label things around your home like pantry containers. Small chalkboard labels are perfect for labeling things around your home.

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