10 Fun Summer Party Ideas

It’s officially summertime, and we are so excited to wear cute plus size swimwear to the beach. We are also looking forward to all of the festivities this season has to offer. Some of the best things about summer are all the parties and events you will get to attend. If you’re thinking about throwing your own bash this year, we have ten ideas of how to get the party started and different themes you could throw your party around.

And just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you need an outdoor space to entertain. While most of these party ideas would be ideal outside, you can certainly host them inside, too! The idea is to get your loved ones together and have some fun — however that may look! So, gather your friends and family around for an unforgettable summer. With these ideas, you could throw one big bash or plan a party almost every month!

Fun Summer Party Ideas

These fun party ideas can serve as inspiration for your next get-together, or you can adapt them to fit your lifestyle and guests. Either way, get creative and have a blast!

  • Backyard BBQ

You can never go wrong with a backyard BBQ! This summer party idea is always an instant hit with friends and family, but one way you can make it special is by barbequing unique or unexpected foods for guests to try. You can always have the usual staples on hand, too, like burgers, hot dogs and steaks, as well as vegetarian options like portabella mushrooms, pineapple slices, and veggie tempeh or tofu marinated skewers. Put on one of your favorite flattering plus size maxi dresses for summer and get ready to entertain! You can make the party more fun by adding games and interesting cocktails for your friends.

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  • Pool Party

Whether you have a pool or rent a pool and entertainment space, this is a great way to get your friends and family together. Everyone loves a pool party, but to make yours stand out, you can blow up huge floaties like a unicorn or shark that are Instagrammable and host a variety of pool games and activities. Make sure everyone stays hydrated with drinks and assemble light bites for poolside snacks.

  • Pitch-In Picnic

Do you have a bunch of friends who have a unique perspective when it comes to cooking? If so, host a pitch-in or potluck picnic. You can task each of your friends with bringing a dish that’s special to them and its recipe card so that you have a wide variety of food to serve, and everyone can check what is safe for them to eat. Host this party in your backyard or at a park. The more friends you invite, the more exciting dishes there will be to eat! You can also ask guests to bring a wine that pairs well with their dish for the ultimate foodie and wine party!

  • Beach Bonfire Get Together

Are you near a beach or lake where you can host a bonfire? If so, this party idea is for you. Get a bunch of your close friends together after sundown and head to the beach for s’mores, games and drinks. This party idea is perfect for a small gathering or laid-back birthday party. Don’t forget to come dressed to impress by accessorizing your favorite swimwear with plus size women’s clothing to create the perfect beach outfit.

  • Camp It Out Party

Are you and your friends the adventurous types that love to camp and escape to the wilderness? If so, you could absolutely plan a camping trip party or host a camping-themed party in your backyard. From barbequing to s’mores and campfire stories, this party will be unforgettable.

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  • Dinner Party

Do you and your friends love to get dressed up? Plan a swanky dinner party at your house with a dress code that requires everyone to come dressed to the nines. It could be a fun way to get dressed up and have dinner. You can also make the dress code themed, like a white tie event or floral prints party, perfect for your TikTok dance videos after you wine and dine.

  • Yoga Party

Unwind and relax with your friends and loved ones by hosting a yoga party in your backyard or at a park. You can create cute gift baskets with yoga mats and essential oils so that your guests are ready to clear their minds. Whether you follow a yoga routine on YouTube or have an instructor teach your class personally, you should plan to try some other relaxation methods after the yoga session. Don’t forget light bites and kombucha!

  • Stargazing Party

How often have you looked up into the night sky and noticed the stars? If you think this would be a great party idea for you and your friends, you can plan an entire night around stargazing and astrology. Make it fun by reading each other’s horoscopes and learning more about the constellations you can see. Or you can all visit an observatory and learn from astronomy experts how to enjoy the night sky for the rest of your lives, pointing out the major constellations to impress your friends while sipping cocktails on the back deck.

  • Backyard Movie Night

Set up a projector and screen for a backyard movie night with friends and family. This is a unique party idea that’s fun and easy to put together. You can pop loads of popcorn and ask everyone to bring their drink of choice. If you love to play games, you can always host trivia after the movie is over or have a drink checklist for during the movie.

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  • DJ Night or Dance Party

It’s been a while since we have been out to the clubs, so why not create your own club in your backyard or at your home? This summer is the perfect time to get together with your friends and dance the night away! Create a real club vibe with drinks and a proper dance floor. You can even hire a DJ!

Your friends and family are going to love coming over this summer because you have all the greatest party ideas! Make each party your own with unique twists, games, food and rules, and your get together will be unforgettable.

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