• White Gold

    July 19, 2012

    Top: Vintage 1960s swim top, Skirt: Aritzia (similar, similar), Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (similar), Bracelets: Roman Luxe, Sorrelli, Ring: Roman Luxe
    Photos: EatSleepWear and Jacquelynclifford.com

    Greetings again from the Hamptons! I’m bouncing around a lot this summer as you’ve probably noticed.  I get summer wanderlust big time!  Rebecca Minkoff and Stylecaster had us out again at the house so it’s been a fun few days of mingling with other blogettes and friends.  I found this old swimsuit top at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend and thought it would make an amazing bralette top.  This skirt is from last year but it’s just so classic and I find myself coming back to it again and again.  PS: I’ve been dying to shoot in this bathroom since my first trip to the house. I figured this skirt was perfect for the setting.  More soon!

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    35 Responses to White Gold

    1. You look absolutely stunning!!

    2. Absolutely amazing! Such a stunning look.

      Step into Estherina’s World

    3. You look amazing!! Love your Roman Luxe ring!! I am wearing the same one right now!!


    4. Ellie says:

      I must say, I’m loving this change of scenery– not only is it gorgeous {not that NYC isn’t, but, you know… it’s a different type of pretty *grins*}, but you seem more relaxed! I hope your mini-vacation is going wonderfully; adore the outfit!


    5. Charlotte says:

      love this outfit :)


    6. Huong says:

      Absolutely beautiful pictures, Lindsey! You take the best photos and that’s why I began following you in the first place. Love, love, love your jewelry and skirt!

    7. Such a gorgeous & effortless look – love the pleated skirt and your fun printed crop top…summer perfection!

    8. Sally Alex says:

      Power to the Python! Great styling, you look fantastic.

    9. Nan Wilson says:

      The outfits are gorgeous. However, who wouldn’t look gorgeous clothed from head to toe in high-end designer fashions. This blog is losing its appeal for me and many of my friends. It started out showing clothing that was affordable to the normal girl, with lots of clothing from TJ Maxx. Now it’s turned into advertising of clothing that most of us can’t afford. Looks like Lindsay has sold out.

    10. Lindsey says:

      Hi Nan, thanks for your comment. The bralette was a vintage find for $30.. The skirt was on sale for under $200.. and the bracelets are all under $100. Not sure how that is unaffordable or different than what I normally post. And if you were to go back in my posts, you would see that I found the Manolos on super sale at Bergdorfs. While I appreciate your comment, I can’t agree with you. But thanks for reading!

    11. Sarah says:

      I feel like this is a look that only looks at home in the Hamptons. At least you took advantage of the occasion!

      Sarah’s Real Life

    12. prettypeculiar says:

      I think Lindsey has every right to pick and choose what type of clothing, brands, and style she would like to wear on her blog. She has a very classic style. I agree maybe $200 skirt and a $100 bracelet is out of some peoples budgets. However, it is wrong to accuse Lindsey of selling out because she chose to wear some expensive pieces. She is a fashionista and when you see a fabulous piece, price sometimes doesn’t matter. Also Linsey is suppose to inspire fellow fashion lovers, we are not suppose to be her identical. Show support to Lindsey, she takes her time to post these blogs. I think she is fabulous. She inspires me to do my own blogs and vblogs.

    13. avenueahline says:

      The last photo op is very beautiful .. wonderful


    14. I absolutely love the bathroom shot with the light coming in from the windows. Beautiful!

    15. you are fabulous! always looking great

      xoxo, Caitlin Schmidt – fashion blogger


    16. Pamela says:

      Amazing!! So classy. I love the skirt

    17. Jin says:

      Love the vintage swim top!

    18. Alexa says:

      You are so gorgeous and lucky to spend half the summer in that house! Those shoes are to die for. Very Carrie Bradshaw.



    19. Casey says:

      You looking gorgeous! Love the outfit. That bathroom looks amazing

    20. Lindsey says:

      You look stunning! This outfit is so chic and summery, I love it. xo

    21. Maria João says:

      I love de outfit, specially the skirt. It’s gorgeous!

    22. Carol says:

      I loved it!!!!!!!!
      I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and summer accessories:


    23. Toni Styles says:

      Love everything – you have such great taste Lindsey. Amazing photos! xo

      http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

    24. M.J. says:

      Looking for you everyday! You are so strikingly natural in the field of willows. The open mid-rif and the waistband work well together. As always, your hair and shoes are oh so complimentary!

    25. Kundun9 says:


    26. Loving your gold bracelets and ring together! They look awesome with your outfit! Very cute! Have a great weekend!


    27. KYBOE USA says:

      This is one of my all-time favorite posts. I love everything!

    28. April says:

      I love the skirt and all of the pieces of jewelry! I haven’t been able to travel this summer and it is driving me crazy. It just re-charges you to have a change of pace and scenery.

    29. suque says:

      In response to Nan- This site is not all about brands; fashion is also in the pairing of cuts, colors, textures, and accessories. I started following Lindsey because we have a similar height and body type, and I get ideas for outfits from what looks good on her, not how expensive her clothes are. For example, I had similar pieces to this look in my wardrobe that made a fabulous outfit. I have a similar pleated skirt from TJ Maxx in burgundy that was $22 on clearance, classic pointed toe stilettos in black suede from Enzo Angiolini I got on sale for $40, an old halter dress in black linen from BCBG that I cropped to turn into a top cut like Lindsey’s, and I combined a bunch of chunky silver necklaces in different lengths to mimic the rounded neckline she created. Without spending anything, I put together a cute fall-colored version of the summer idea here. That is why I love this blog!

    30. jonathan Hamilt says:

      the top looks so good!

    31. Passport to Style Team says:


    32. Brittnie says:

      This is such a great summer ensemble!! I love the skirt and crop tops are so hot right now. Love it!!

    33. Rachel says:

      You look amazing! The bathroom shot looks like it came straight out of a magazine xoxoxo

    34. Lisa Moore says:

      Beautiful styling and I love the skirt.


    35. Timmy Bea says:

      Vintage clothes would always be classy. The top is a good buy.

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