What Will the Other Girls at School Be Wearing This Fall?

Maria Sharapova, a famous Russian tennis player, once said “When you look good, you feel good…If you feel good, you will always perform your best…”.

This quote would ring true especially to students. Girls at school need to show their confidence in order to stand out and avoid being bullied because of what they wear. A study published in Rathbone Training states that there are more than half of school girls bullied. This bullying could be because of their appearance, and this includes weight, hair colour, clothing, height, and racism.

This fall season where the new school year begins, it is important that school girls also wear their confidence together with their #OOTD or outfit of the day. The #OOTD has captured the internet and became one of the most influential platforms online when it comes to fashion. According to Instagram, the #OOTD has already been used forover 90 million times. This means that what these students wear at school, in a party, and even on an ordinary day is vital for their confidence.

Wardrobe Change

Kicking off the school year this fall would mean girls have to be more careful in preparing for their outfits. As a first step, you must consider color changing clothes. According to Caroline Morse in her blog “..it’s hard to know if you should pack for summer temperatures or wintery weather”.

When the season changes and fall comes, it also means a change of wardrobe. You’ll have to toss your summer outfits away and say hello to cold season outfits such as leggings, blazers, bomber jackets, boots, sneakers, and many more.

Back to School Outfit: First #OOTD

Just like New Year, the new school year represents resolutions. Likewise, a girl’s outfit on her first day of school would speak about herself after the school break. The outfit she wears could manifest confidence, fear, reluctance, casualness, and popularity.

What you wear on your first day at school matters a lot, especially for school girls. At school, the pressure is on, not only on the academic aspect but also on your social status. That is why is highly important for a school girl to make an effort in choosing the right clothes to wear. Furthermore, if you find this task hard, you can always look for some back to school outfit ideas on the internet to help you decide and unleash the confidence within you.

What’s Matters Most

In the kid of society that we live in today, people always have something to say. They will tell you what you should wear and what you shouldn’t, especially if you are a school girl. However, people always have their opinion. Knowing this, does it really matter to spend an hour or more in the mirror just make sure that you wear your best outfit? The answer depends on you.

Nevertheless, regardless of what you wear, you should always feel confident. After all, that’s what matters the most.

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