What Car Fits Your Personality Type?

Are you an uptight, type-A, organized person or a laid back, sloppy, but very chill human? Perhaps someone looking for free driving lessons in New York? Whatever your personality type may be, your car is a perfect representation of who you are. If you’re experiencing a disbalance when driving your car, then it could be because you’re driving a vehicle that doesn’t match your personality.

So, how are you supposed to match all these cars with your uniqueness?

We’re driving you through what car fits your personality type to answer that very question.

The Hyper Organized: Compact Sport Utility

Perfect for just about any situation, a compact sport utility vehicle offers you flexibility to accommodate any situation. When you’re organized, you’re prepared for anything. You seek control and order. You’re the kind of person who will jump at the opportunity to take your defensive driving course online, because that’s the efficient, smart thing to do.

A compact sport utility offers you just that by coming equipped with fuel efficiency, off-roading capabilities, and spacious room for luggage or passengers. With these many benefits, you’re in control of where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

The Energetic: Jeeps and Off Roaders

You thrive off energy and thrill. Whether you’re driving on the road or off it, you’re looking for adventure and the next exciting thing. When you’re around others, you’re the social and enthusiastic one who heightens people’s mood.

Driving a Jeep or an off-roading vehicle reflects that perfectly. You’re quick to change course in an almost chaotic manner, even if it means taking a road less traveled… like a dirt path that might not be a road.

The Leader: A SUV

If you find yourself as the center of your friend groups, then you might have a leader personality. People look up to you for direction and guidance when making decisions or planning outings. You’re the glue that holds everyone together. Without you, most of your friends would unfortunately be lost.

That’s why you should drive a SUV. If you’re in a caravan, you’re the one leading the charge on the road. Because of your safe size, open seating room, and spacious storage, a SUV is the embodiment of a leader. You’re able to take the road by the pavement and withstand just about anything that drives by.

The Laid Back: A Convertible

If you’re “down to chill” or hit the beach for the day, then that’s totally rad. People will call you if they’re looking to pop in a movie, go out to eat, or maybe go for a stroll along the coast. As long as it’s not too intense or requires too much effort, you’re up for just about anything.

The perfect car that matches your personality is the convertible. Nothing says laid back like cruising through New York with the roof down pumping some tunes. With you behind the wheel of your very own convertible, there’s no worries, just the open roof and the open road.

The Prankster: Sports Car

You’re the person in your group of friends who is cracking the most jokes and playing the most pranks. You want to entertain and to be entertained. You’re known for devious ulterior motives and a jovial sense of humor.

That’s why you would drive a sports car. Being quick on the road represents your quick wit when cracking a joke at someone’s expense or getting the upper hand with a simple prank. You’re a mastermind sometimes at the detriment of others. Someone so cunning can only drive one kind of car, that’s the sports car. It sends the message of being rambunctious and sinister.

If you fit into one of these personality traits, then maybe consider upgrading your car to one that matches your personality. You might end up finding a little more balance in your life.

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