Importance of Jewelry

From time immemorial, people have been putting on jewelry for various reasons; for some it’s for love or marriage, others to show class. People wear jewelry for fashion reasons, to make a fashion statement and because they love it. Long silver earrings make an unforgettable fashion statement. They can suffice for a casual, business and sexual look. They are a must have for every closet.

Jewelry carries loads of roles. Some businessmen buy it for investment. Gold, silver and diamond are called precious stones because of their value. They usually appreciate with time. People that own vintage jewelry are seated on a money bomb. That’s why people are advised to keep their precious stones in the bank. Otherwise you risk your house being broken into by thugs.

Come with me as we look deeper into why jewelry. Why is it a common trend nowadays for men and women? Both the young and old have embraced jewelry. There must be a secret behind it. Let us find out the reasons below.

Love for Brands

The fashion conscious people will wear their favorite designer jewelry. You can’t convince them otherwise. Some are obsessed with brands that every item produced they want a copy of it. They love to hoard their favorite designer’s brands. You will find they have designer earrings, necklaces, hairpins, anklets, etc. You know what’s more? They keep buying from the same designer every time a new product is released to the market.

To Stand Out

If it is your day, you want to stand out from the crowd. No one wants their guest stealing the show. As ladies, we know how to match our jewelry with the clothes, shoes and bag. The hair has to be in place too. For instance on your wedding day, all eyes must focus on the bride. What better way to achieve that other than wearing appropriate jewelry? But again, don’t be too much. With jewelry, simple is better.

As Gifts

For most people, jewelry is the best gift you can give them. It speaks class, sophistication and can last for a very long time. If it is genuine, it can stay intact for many years. We all want to give our loved ones timeless gifts, don’t we? Get a beautiful two piece set of authentic earrings and necklace and your friend/ family will appreciate you for life. Also, choosing the right jewelry requires time, so the person you give it will appreciate your time.

Passed from Generation to Generation

You probably have heard of great grandmothers passing on their wedding rings to their daughters and the trend goes on. It is a way of preserving generations. You find a wedding ring has been passed on to the fifth or sixth generation. This way you will appreciate your lineage more even if your great grandparents are long gone. Also, the jewelry of long time ago was genuine. There were few or no cases of duplicate or washed jewelry.  So my friend be glad you are carrying a vintage wedding ring on your finger. It is worth millions of dollars.

As an Investment

Most people buy gold, silver or diamond jewelry for investment. The catch is in your patience. Keep them safe until a time when that particular stone is scarce. That is the time the price of your jewelry is worth so many zeros.  However, ensure to keep them in a very secure place, if you must keep it in your house. Otherwise it is advisable you keep your precious jewels in the bank else you risk it being stolen.

Jewelry Enhances your Strong Features

Wear jewelry that flatters your beautiful features. They include a long cat face, a long neck, a flat tummy, long legs, etc. Put on long earrings to accentuate your beautiful long neck or a waist belt to flatter your well-toned tummy. A navel ring also draws attention to a flat tummy. You can wear an anklet and short clothes to enhance your long legs. If you just had a manicure, flatter your fingers with a beautiful ring.

Final say

Jewelry is used for various reasons. You can give it as a gift to your loved ones. Also, it is used to signify celibacy for the pope and catholic priests and nuns. Precious stones of gold, silver and diamond are bought as an investment. When that particular stone is scarce, you can tap into that high demand. Also, engagements and weddings would be boring if there were no rings and bands.


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