What Camera do you use?

    I use a Canon Rebel with a 50 mm 1.4 lens

    Who takes your pictures?

    When around, my amazing mom takes them!  When she is not around I rely on a tripod, a remote, and a lot of patience. :-)

    I saw you in a TJ Maxx commercial.  Does that affect how you approach your blog?

    I have complete editorial freedom as I always have on my blog.  I am under no contractual agreement or obligation to blog about any brand and feel strongly about keeping that integrity.  The blog is a reflection of my passion for expressing my personal style, shopping habits, influences, and inspirations and when/if a post is sponsored, I will always make a mention.  I’m very proud of sharing my recent accomplishments with all of you and I always appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

    Which TJ Maxx stores are your favorite in NYC?

    I visit the 96th st, 57th and 8th, and Sixth Avenue stores very frequently.  They all are amazing for different reasons and all vary in merchandise so I try to stop in all of them as often as I can.

    I’m looking for a job in fashion.  Any tips?

    Gain as much experience in the industry as you can!  Internships are so important to landing a job in fashion and that learning experience is invaluable.  Be open-minded to trying out different positions in any aspect of the industry even if it’s not the exact path you see yourself pursuing.  You never know if you like something until you try it and every aspect of the industry is connected so you will only be more well-rounded and desirable as a job candidate.

    I really want to start a blog.  Any tips?

    Be yourself, be original, and be persistent.  Creating original content and having a unique voice and style will definitely help set you apart from the rest! Good luck!