• Arches of Kings

    November 12, 2012


    Blouse: Asos, Shorts: Cameo (similar, similar), Booties: Zara, Bag: market find in Casablanca, Earrings: C Wonder

    This was one of my favorite spots that we toured in Casablanca.  It’s the main mosque and actually one of the largest in the world (according to our amazing guide, Hassan!).  It’s not that old of a structure but the architecture still has all of the breathtaking arches and ancestral details and really captures the wonder of the culture.  I didn’t get to go in because we stopped along the way home and I wasn’t properly covered.  We are thankful to be here as guests of the Morocco Tourism Board, and to check out Casablanca Fashion Week, and everyone has been so gracious here!

    I picked up these booties in the local Casablanca Zara because I couldn’t the right tan pair at home in time for the trip.  It’s the perfect balance between a heel and a flat and is great for their climate right now.  Finding room in my suitcase for them (and the over-the-knee boots I bought here) will prove difficult but definitely worth it.

    So much more to share! I feel like I have pictures for days from here and Oualidia! <3

    *For those looking for controversy, I did not go to the mosque in shorts.  I’m well aware of the cultural significance which is why you see no pictures of the inside.   This is what I wore touring part of the city.  Please no comments about “why I wore shorts to a mosque”.  It’s simply a beautiful backdrop as we passed by and I’m pointing out its beauty.  Thanks!

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    26 Responses to Arches of Kings

    1. rebecca chantal says:

      I love the bag. Its great that your incorporating local finds. As always you look amazing. thanks for the inspiration.

    2. Adrienne Suhail says:

      Shorts. To a mosque. Really?

    3. Jack says:

      That’s an incredible bag!

    4. Laura S says:

      I LOVE that blouse! Glad you’re having a nice time in Casablanca :).
      - Laura

    5. sofia says:

      What a great time you are having. The pictures capture it.



    6. Sarah says:

      What a rebel! Haha…this makes me think of the 2nd SATC movie when all the NYC girls are fabulously dressed but the locals think they’re inappropriate. Except for the ladies who are secretly in designer duds underneath their traditional garb. Hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about…Anyway, you look great, and I think you should keep wearing whatever you’re comfortable in!

      Sarah’s Real Life (pssst! Gems & Jam giveaway in progress…)

    7. Lindsey says:

      Sarah, I totally know what you are talking about! I ran into a few local girls at fashion week here and they said, we saw your post with you wearing a maxi dress and you can totally wear whatever here! So it was interesting to get their perspective as well and they were fabulously dressed!

    8. Lovely outfit! You have such a knack for matching things!

    9. Samira says:

      I love your boots so much!!!

    10. I love the billowy top and shorts, it’s perfect for the Middle East!

    11. Luana says:

      I love your blog!
      I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


    12. Sofia says:

      Love your purse!!



    13. Orla says:

      Love the outfit!! The blouse is long-sleeved, and so respectable (as well as stylish!) To be fair, who can blame you for wearing shorts in such a hot climate?? I think you look really respectable, and as you say you were only passing the church! I love this outfit and hope you have an amazeballs time in Casablanca! :)

    14. M.J. says:

      As a tasteful traveller in that location, you could not look more appropriate. Legs look magnificent given the shorts and booties! The bag pulls it all together. Sweet!

    15. Toni Styles says:

      Incredible background! Your lovely booties were definitely a great find – can’t wait to see more of your photos.

      http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

    16. Aleksandra says:

      I love how you incorporate the feel of the place you are into your outifts! As well as market finds! Have a wonderful vacation!

    17. Emily says:

      Love this look, I have been in love with those Zara booties forever! The background is pretty amazing!


    18. Jo says:

      Amazing pictures! It looks like a great place to visit! Enjoy your trip!
      xo Jo

    19. Bruna says:

      Your outfit is great! I’m loving everything about it, but the shirt owns my heart <3
      The bag is also soo beautiful! You were lucky to find it.
      I was going to ask what you and other bloggers (I saw Jules pics in Morocco too), but now that you already explained, I can say it must be really fun! Morocco is a beautiful place, I like its culture.

    20. So jealous of your Morocco trip! It looks absolutely fabulous!


    21. Janise says:

      I love the bag! It goes well with your booties.

    22. Huong says:

      Lindsey, I’m sure as a frequent traveler, you know what’s appropriate to wear and what’s not appropriate. Unlike me when I went to Europe a few years ago and didn’t know you couldn’t wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt into the Vatican to wear you had to not buy one, but two scarves to cover up, haha! Anyway, you look fabulous as always! LOVE it all! Can’t wait to see more pictures from your trip!

    23. Agi says:

      Great outfit and gorgeous background. Would love to travel there someday. Love your boots.



    24. madeleine says:

      I love this outfit, especially the blouse! It would be pretty for the holidays!

    25. What a gorgeous location!!

      Kate xo petite-advenures.blogspot.ca

    26. Burcu says:

      Not only are you wearing a real cute ensemble, but you’re also considerate to other cultures and religions. Much appreciated.

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